TiketVisa provides a service which delivers flight reservations made by a registered travel agency that come with a PNR(Passenger Name Record)-Code which is verifiable on major airline’s websites.

– Fast: Receive a valid flight reservation depends on airlines company in less than 5 minutes!

– Easy: We made the process as simple as possible.

– Real: We make a 100% real flight reservation. You can check the validity of your flight reservation on major airline’s websites.

You will receive a PDF document that includes a flight itinerary for your selected route and a PNR code that confirms your reservation. See example PDF
It depends when you order and for what date you order. Our flight reservations are valid till 24h before departure.


No, our website makes the reservation instantly. So after your order nothing can be changed. If you require any changes you will need to make a new booking.


No, reservations will automatically cancel 24 hours before departure.

No, an e-ticket number is not included in a reservation. If you require an e-ticket number, you will need to buy the full ticket.

No, this is just a flight reservation so you’re not paying for the full price of the flight. You only need to pay the flight reservation fee.

No, this is a flight reservation only.